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Our idea partner is a business that has been having success but wants to take their business to the next level. You might not be familiar with digital marketing and even if you did you donít have the time to focus on marketing. Partner with us and let us help you grow your business while you focus on running it.


At the end of the day the only thing that is important is your bottom line. Nothing delivers better results per dollar invested than digital marketing. Our services guarantee a return on investments not just results but profits. Let us do a free analysis to see if our service make sense for your business.


We look at clients as partners so not only are we concerned with conversions from website to practice but we also want to help improve repeat visit numbers from happy customers. Loyalty programs, client list funnel systems and birthday recognition programs are some simple examples of how we help increase conversions.

SEO Consulting

These services come basic with any package. We know the industry and these are the best practices for all Medical Spa's that want digital marketing. We guarantee results because we use a proven method. The internet is a moving target that is evolving daily. If you want your business to excell and not get left behind we have developed a process that works.

Keyword Research

Getting to know your business is important but we also know the industry and we study the competition. We research and analyze your specific geographic area. Different regions need variations to the marketing plan.


Have you ever gone to a popular website and noticed a banner advertisement for something you just searched for. This is a process known as retargeting. It's a crucial step to maximize profitability digital marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Businesses need social media particularly in this industry. Not just because they generate quality leads but it also builds trust and authority to your brand. This generates pre-qualified leads that buy quicker and spend more.

Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click can get expensive fast. We locate profitable search terms for all clients that generate instant leads and a positive return on marketing investments. This includes FaceBook ads and video views.

Google Maps

Did you know that your google maps listings is based on the google my business profile? We optimize all profiles for maximum map exposure and guarantee your business will be in the snack pack within 6 months.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile is extremely important for all businesses these days. It all starts with a responsive mobile friendly website. Then we take care of onpage SEO issues such as doing proper keyword research and creating quality content.

Free Medspa Marketing Industry Report News Letter

Our mission and corporate philosophy

We don't take all clients. We also only take one client per city. Our goal is to maximize the amount of traffic and leads to your business and we don't want to split that with your competetion. Our guarantee is that you will generate at least 200% more business than your marketing budget with us. This is why we look to work with clients that have a solid business that can close potential clients and have large client life time values.

-Digital Marketing Agency

A rock solid process made up of four core pillars: learning, planning, adjusting, growing to generate rock solid results.

+Thinking Outside The Box
+Guaranteed Results
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MedSpa Marketing Clients


This is a rough overview of the process. We treat everyone as partners not just clients. These are the basic stages used to build your brand online. These are not one time steps but proper management involves continued review and perfecting. There is an online management system that creates transparency of daily, weekly and monthly tasks as well as reporting.

Act 1
  • Discovery
  • Site Audit
  • Location Research
  • Onpage Audit
  • Competetion Research
Act 2
  • Retargeting
  • Citation Build
  • Press Release
  • Social Media Creation
  • Rich Media Creation
Act 3
  • Guest Posting
  • Whitehat Links
  • Paid Ads Optimization
  • Maps Optimization
  • Client Report

Report Of The State Of Online Marketing In The Medical Spa Industry

Check out our free report and case studies of the most successful Medical Spa businesses around the country. Find out what they are doing to win. We provide all potential business partners with a free competitive business analysis that looks at what your competitors are doing to steal your business. We customize a strategy for your business to dominate locally and become the industry leader in your area.

What our clients say

These guys got me ranked on google pretty quickly. I'm very impressed. They actually can start sending leads in the first month. They do what they say and offer really good transparency into the process. I don't have time to micromanage the marketing but I like the ability to be involved in the process even if it means just clicking on their reporting software that tells me what they are working on the last few days.

-Karla -

What our clients say

If you are busy running your business and never seem to get around to doing the marketing like most of us. I recommend if you are in the medical spa industry no one knows the industry better. You can get a comprehensive marketing plan implemented and also real time reports of what work is getting done and what stage of the process your business is at. Then the results and one click away.

-Jon -

What our clients say

Video Marketing is more important today then ever. I was amazed when I started researching it that video ad buys are one of the cheapest platforms and online video can target potential customers by location, interest, occupation and every demographic you can think of. This is where to go to find out the proper demographics of customers and let them run your advertising campaigns. They get it right the first time.

-Mike -

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